Services To Companies In Mortara

Since more than 15 years, the Silvabella Social Cooperative deals with the supply of services to companies in Mortara, both in public and private fields. In fact, in 1995 the Cooperative starts and operates in the sector of company services offering various activities that go from services of environmental sanitization, civil and industrial cleanings, cleanings of residential areas and industrial ones, maintenance and cure of green public or private areas. The experience, professionality and innovation together with a continue strategy of maximisation and constant supervision, allows the Silvabella Social Cooperative to offer a high level of services to companies, in the protection of security and respect of the environment. Moreover, every service is functional to the expectations and needs of the clients. In addition to the services listed before, the cooperative operates also in the managing of the Social, Welfare and educational Services: from the field of home care to the residential ones; from educational services to the scholar and extracurricular ones; from the food and distribution of meals service. The 200 members of the cooperative work every day close to handicapped people, old people, underage people and adults in disadvantages situations always putting the attention on the individual.