The Silvabella Social Cooperative
in Mortara

The Silvabella Social Cooperative in Mortara is a not profit-making business that for more than 15 years works to manage Social, Welfare and Educational Services. Every day, around 200 cooperative members work respecting the constitutive values of solidarity and mutual help of the Cooperative and they use those values in home care, residential care, educative services, scholar and extracurricular services, food and meals distribution. The meeting between constitutive valued of the Silvabella Social Cooperative in Mortara and the pursue of the general interest of our community to human promotion with a social engagement that allows that the services offer would be highly qualified. The centre of the everyday engagement rooted on the territory and of the cooperative members is the individual: an old man, an underage, a handicapped, a disadvantaged adult, they always put the person in the middle of the attention. The sensibility of the qualification of the services of the Silvabella Social Cooperative in Mortara has leaded to the realisation and identification of a managing system with a quality responding to the laws UNI EN ISP 9001:2008.
Since 1995 our cooperative offers services of environmental sanitization, maintenance and cure of green areas of companies and private or public authorities. A constant monitoring together with a strategy of continue maximisation allows to offer services of high level that are guaranteed even in safe and environmental respect. In 2006 was born Solidarietà Silvabella Onlus with the primary objective of creating job opportunities for disadvantaged people. Today, the Onlus is a reality composed of around 150 workers that make different services: public and industrial cleanings, supporting services in schools and nursery schools, garbage collection, maintenance of green areas, ecological services, school meal and accessories, evacuation and porterage.
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