Job oppertunities in Mortara

From the Silvabella social cooperative, in 2006 Solidarietà Silvabella Onlus was born and its principal aim is to create and search up to around 150 workers active in various services such as civil and industrial cleanings, supporting services in schools and nursery schools, garbage collection, maintenance of green areas, ecological services, graveyard services, school meal and accessory services and at the end services of evacuation and porterage. Since 1995, the cooperative already made available this type of services aimed to environmental sanitization, maintenance and green areas care, with regard to companies, public and private authorities.

The job opportunities created until now from the experience, professionality and innovation where move and work the cooperative members: the obtained performances are of high level and respect safety and environmental rules. The meeting between the values of solidarity, mutual help and of the pursue of the general interest of the community to human promotion with social engagements and roots of the territory that characterise the wide offering of services that the Silvabella Social Cooperative and its 200 members offers every day to the community.